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Pixanima is an animation studio that specializes in video explainer production.

We are using simple visual language and design grammar to communicate complex ideas.

We make explaining anything easy for everyone with our own brand of humor, wit, and creativity.


  • Share content on the internet

  • Help your customers understand how your product works

  • Create narrated tutorials of your products

  • 3-minute animated videos of any topic, using text or audio files



  • Simple animation: Helps to get your point across quickly without getting too complicated or boring

  • Simplified design: Designs are made from shapes from the simplest pens to make it easy for anyone to follow along.

  • Humorous: We make sure to add a touch of humor and fun for the viewers to keep them interested. We don't forget it's about you, but we also make sure to have a little fun with it too :)

  • Time effective: A quick 3-minute video explaining things that would take hours to explain in person.